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Masters in Performance

I am passionate about music education and I enjoy helping students to grow in their skill and appreciation of playing. My own teachers have played a significant part in inspiring and encouraging me throughout my own musical journey as well as giving me guidance and technical insight, and I consider it a privilege to play the same part in the musical development of others. I currently teach piano privately, giving lessons to pupils ranging from 10 years old to adults. I have previous experience of teaching violin, both privately and in a school. Further experience of working with children is provided by my role as a childminder. I look after three primary school age children ages 6, 9 and 11. As a result, I am confident teaching piano and have excellent communication skills with both children and their parents.

My passion for music education has also led me to undertake projects such as Animate Orchestra, a dynamic project encouraging children who play orchestral instruments to use their creativity to compose and perform a piece together. I have also led primary school assemblies as a string quartet to showcase our instruments to children and encourage them in their music education, have performed in a schools concert at Regent Hall, and have played to children in paediatric wards at Lewisham Hospital.

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