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Our individual one-to-one online piano lesson, with either an Impromptu senior or junior piano tutor, is the ideal choice to nurture your child’s natural musical interest and to develop their piano skills. 

Through our online programme, your child will learn the fundamentals and receive friendly and encouraging pointers and advice to build their confidence. They will learn the piano in a structured and yet relaxed online live video format.

One-to-one piano tuition allows your child to build a good relationship with their chosen tutor, giving a consistent approach with highly focused individual attention, without any distractions.

If you are thinking of booking online piano lessons for your child, and the individual tutoring sounds like the preferred option, then feel free to book your completely free trial session.

Junior tutor 

One-to-one piano lesson 

Only £10/45mins

Senior tutor 

One-to-one piano lesson 

Only £23/45mins

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