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I am an enthusiastic and highly motivated pianist, currently studying BA Music (Performance and Composition) final year at Middlesex University London. I am organised, resourceful and passionate about the importance of music education. I have worked voluntarily at Sacred Heart Convent Sri Lanka and currently I am working in a music academy at Edgware as a piano tutor, also doing private home tuition for children. My career goal is to encourage and care for children and adults alike by promoting their creative abilities through music, play and art. I am able to teach in variety of technical exercises like scales, arpeggios, etc and a variety of musical styles and understanding music theory.
"I believe that playing an instrument is enjoyable, rewarding and has several benefits - it supports learning, building skills in other areas and boosts mental abilities"


  • Bachelor of Music Performance and composition, piano as main instrument (Middlesex University London), Ongoing

  • 2 years of piano teaching experiences with children

  • Piano tutor in Hope Music Academy Edgware London

  • Volunteer music teacher at Sacred Heart Convent Galle Sri Lanka

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