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Masters in Performance

I currently work as a piano teacher for the Blackheath Conservatoire where I prepare students for their ABRSM, Trinity College exams and Music Theory. I have been dealing with all level piano students, from the very beginner to professional ones.

I’m quite flexible and I like learning new skills, enriching not only my musical experience.

I am a very enthusiastic, honest performer and teacher searching for the right environment which could help and support my professional growth.

During my multi-year musical studies, I was given the chance to work with several great teachers and pianists who always appreciated and encouraged my personal way of solving technical and musical issues while I was working on new and challenging masterpieces. That is the sense of my work, which is first a daily work on myself. I like putting myself to the test in order to grow, strengthening my preparation and finding always new solutions for me and for my students. I think that the best reward for a teacher is observing students while they improve, by encouraging and supporting their personal musical sensitivity.

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